Sunday, November 11, 2007


We have had a great time the last 2 weekends. Our friends Michael and Jennifer came down to visit us with their 2 children last weekend. The kids all had so much fun playing together and going on adventures. We had a great time going walking. And then the kids had a real blast cooking out hot dogs and s-mores. We used our little cook top grill, without the cook top and basically had a campfire in a grill. The kids cried and cried when it was time to say good-bye.

Then this weekend we had the joy of having friends in and out all day. I do not think their could be any sweeter sound on earth, than the voices of children at play. They were so sweet and precious. And the time with the Moms was really nice for me too. We also had a nice relaxing evening. Church was wonderful too. Did I mention how much I love our church library? The music today was really good. And Sunday School is always great. Not just the lesson, but the fellowship with others.

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