Friday, September 21, 2007

Saturday afternoon

We had such a weird morning!! We got up on Central time, and were almost late to our general session. Sara Groves sang, and she is just wonderful. I love that she sings about being a mom. Our speaker was John Ortberg. He talked to us about not being in such hurry. How to slow our spirits down and listen to the Lord, our hubbies, and our kids. Then in the afternoon we went to our sessions. I went to one making the bible fun and fantastic with family time. It was soooo good! Then we had a nice time talking with each other. We walked through the Resource Fair, and got some fun freebies. Now we are going somewhere cheap for dinner off site! Tonight we will go to the GO FISH concert, and to the new Pirates Who Don't do Anything movie premier. Later, we will go to late night karaoke!

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Helgrenfam said...

hey girl! did you mean Friday morning? cause it s 12:37pm in africa and it is only saturday...are you in china for this meeting?! btw...orlando is 45 mins from where i was born!! go south 45 mins and you will hit winter haven! the home of my grandparents and where my rents grew up and i spent MANY a summer!! glad you are having fun! kendall is in nyimba today so i am with the kids...AND the crate is enroute to zambia from port!! YAY!!